My one attempt at poetry

Back in 11th grade, we had to write a “collection of poems” – my normally cheerful self suddenly became the cynically depressed poet over night. I maintain it is impossible to write happy poetry and not sound like a tool. So here, I share with you my first masterpiece in that collection. This one sounds like a bad pop song – can’t you see some American Idol murdering this poor thing? However, you will see why I avoid poetry like the plague after a sampling of my poetry…

I Don’t Love You

I don’t love you, I’m sorry to say
I thought you would like to know
Before you come to me
Through the blistering snow

I don’t love you, I’m sorry to say
I stopped a long time ago
But I tried to hide it from you
And just go along with the flow

I don’t love you, I’m sorry to say
I realize I never did
Yet I thought it had blossomed in summer
In the treehouse where we’d hid

Or perhaps I thought it occurred in the winter
Upon the snow bank where we’d played
Yet I see now I never did
Quite love you in that way

The way the storybooks describe
All starry eyes and such
You never were Prince Charming
I had just dreamed you as that much

Forgive me, but I want the fairy tale
Not some fling that will fade
Forgive me but I have my dreams
Of which you haven’t made


2 thoughts on “My one attempt at poetry

  1. It’s only fair I share a high school poem too! Don’t laugh too hard! 😉(I was attempting to imitate Millay with this poem.)Ahem!…“Looking Around”Looking around, I am trying to recreate you.Trying to prove we ever shared this bed,laid head next to headYou lying next to meyet not quite entwining your body with mineYou passed the timeAnd I tried to sing but my voice was too soft and you could not hearThough my words were dearAnd meant for youYou could not hearThe love I saved like pennies in a jarand kept next to the spicesMy mother brought from afarYou could not hear,Though I strummed your stringsAnd did my best to please you.In the end you went anywayAnd I am still looking aroundchained like AndromedaWaiting—for you to return the refrain.Muah!


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