Not a movie to watch while ill…or if you like McDonald’s French Fries

Sigh, I am sick of being sick with some mysterious illness. My new plan is to ignore my headache and carry on as if it doesn’t exist. I’ll either succeed in ignoring it into nonexistence or ticking it off enough that it sticks around for my sister’s visit. I always pick the most inopportune times to be sick. I mean, this couldn’t happen during a month when I have nothing going on? I have reams of those around, time to kill but no, I get sick as I have someone actually coming to see me! Whatever body, you’re not getting out of the planned outdoor movie, trail ride or outdoor musical complete with pitchfork fondue before hand.

From The Political Film Blog

That said, when one is suffering from nausea brought on by medicine that you have no business taking, Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me is not the movie to watch when you can’t seem to fall asleep. But, it was going to go off Netflix Instant soon and I didn’t think it could be that bad so I watched. And progressively got more green as the movie continued. Honestly, it’s really two scenes that seem a bit much. When you eat a super sized Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal in less than 30 minutes, you can imagine what your body does with that much processed sugar and fried foods. It doesn’t take a genius. And then also, the scene where they show a gastric bypass surgery in all its wonderful glory. No thanks.

That said, this movie was quite eye opening. Granted, I try to keep my McDonald’s intake down (but I do love their fries) so I might get it once a month? Even that is probably more than I get on average. I always get a medium (who would need more?) and I figure that isn’t sending me to an early grave. Spurlock goes all out – seems to often get the largest size he can and the amount of soda the man consumes is alarming in itself. Soda is one thing I noticed I drank too much of in college so I took that out of my diet early. Now it’s more of a treat I buy on special occasions or get when I eat out if iced tea isn’t a valid option. Overall, it’s disturbing to watch a healthy, normal male live on McDonald’s for a month and basically destroy the health he’s acquired over the first 30ish years of his life. Because he does manage to destroy it. Notes given after the movie say it takes his vegan girlfriend 8 weeks to get his blood work back to normal and it takes him months to return to his normal weight. Months when it only took him a single month to put on 25 pounds.

Now, this is an extreme experiment and like I said, Spurlock does seem to make matters worse on himself by his menu choices but that’s sort of the point so I let that slide. I found the reason he came up with the idea fascinating as well. Two teenage girls were suing McDonald’s for their obesity and subsequent health problems. Now, I guess I see this as sad. McDonald’s is a part of the American problem; I’ll be the first to admit it. But is anyone forcing you to eat there? Spurlock does a good job of presenting both sides of the argument and looking at the American food lifestyle in general and how those two young girls could perhaps come to see McDonald’s as the source of their problems (I have to wonder though what their parents were doing when all this was occurring though).

So, interesting film, really, and it made sure I won’t be subsisting on McDonald’s anytime soon though I’m still baffled as to who would want to do that. However, not a documentary to watch while you’re feeling ill. Or on a full stomach. Or if you plan on eating at any time during or after the film. Give yourself some recovery time because he eats a lot of Mickey D’s in front of you and I think some of the processed sugar leeches out into the audience.

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