Transformers sad

Just a quick note to say I finally saw the fourth Transformer movie and that is two hours and thirty minutes of my life that I can’t get back…

One good thing? Stanley Tucci. Seriously, I would watch anything for that man and he just about makes the movie bearable as long as he is in the scene. If not, forget it. Even Mark Wahlberg, who I usually adore, could not save this. Also, could we have more useless female leads in a film if we tried? You seriously could have cut out Sophia Myles‘ role and been fine. She added literally nothing that I can tell that another, more established character, couldn’t have done. In fact they should have cut because this film needed some serious editing.

Sad part? After two hours and thirty minutes I really don’t actually know most of the characters’ names or what actually happened. Look, I know the actors are ridiculous and I like to block out the third movie and rarely watch the second, but excuse me while I go watch the first Transformers movie to remember once they used to at least be fun to watch.


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