Journaling Along…Out of the Public Eye

I do not consider myself a particularly private person, well when it comes to social media anyway. I am a member of the first class of Facebook after all; I feel free sharing much, if not all, of my daily news. However, as I’ve started journaling in Evernote, I have increasingly wondered why I don’t share those entries here as well and something inside of me shudders at the thought. Perhaps I am not the open book I thought?

I always loved the idea of keeping a journal; I have just never been very good at it. Take my track record with this blog as exhibit A. Lately though I find myself needing to empty my head before bed of everything and anything. My journal entries are disjointed. I jump from topic to topic without seemingly any reason for the jumps. I also subscribe to the school of thought that only the most talented of us can keep a journal and not sound like a total tool when someone else reads it. I am hardly among the most talented and I’d rather not sound like an idiot on the WWW more than I already often do.

As I’ve thought about this more over the last few weeks, I’ve reviewed what I do share through Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Tumblr and I find that perhaps I am not as open a person as I thought. Well, I am open about certain things. I am the first to shout out about a fandom that I am a proud member of, love sharing pictures of my cat and my travels, update my reading progress etc. But I don’t often say much of substance. I rarely talk about work unless it’s something new from our blog or trivial in passing during the day. I speak about politics only through news articles as I hesitate to share my thoughts there (I can tell you exactly who will be the first to jump down my throat when I go too liberal so I find not opening my mouth at all solves that problem). I sat and stared at a post sharing the fact I’d gone down 2 jean sizes earlier this year before I posted it because, well, was that something I wanted to share? Yes, I liked the praise that came in but I don’t think that is why I wanted to share. I simply wanted a moment to share with the world, someone other than my doctor, that I was getting healthier, that I was doing something good. Or, maybe I did want the praise. That is the problem with social media: are you saying it because you mean it or because you want the attention?

It’s been an interesting thing to think on and to ponder where I fall in the “share everything” camp of today’s world. Perhaps I will get brave enough to share some journal entries eventually (or parts of them) but for now, I’ll keep my journaling out of the public eye.


2 thoughts on “Journaling Along…Out of the Public Eye

  1. It’s an intriguing thing to think about, privacy vs disclosure. As you said, yours is the first generation that grew up probably sharing more and being more comfortable with it than mine. Still, I think one has to decide what to disclose and what to keep private because, as you said, sharing one’s thoughts about things like politics gets people juiced on both sides and doesn’t make anyone feel better.

    By the way, I journaled for about 20 years on a very consistent basis. It was great getting all that stuff off my mind, but at some point I went back & looked at some of that older stuff and realized I was embarrassed by reading some of it. Well, maybe uncomfortable was more the reality. I don’t have any of the paper journals anymore but do have some files, though I don’t have a program that can access them anymore. One of these days I will delete them… yup, they’ve gotta go! lol


    • Oh yes, I would never want to put up the journal I kept through middle and high school. Shudder! That said, as an archivist, there might be something useful there for someone else someday…but I doubt it LOL


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