Trying something new for the love of books

Last month, a co-worker posted on our library’s leisure reading Slack channel about an upcoming Book Exchange on redditgifts. First of all, I know very little about reddit, let alone what redditgifts was. However, something was called a book exchange therefore, I needed to investigate.

redditgifts is a place I probably should never have gone because I may go broke participating in gift exchanges. I adore shopping for other people and essentially, it works like this: you sign up for a themed gift exchange, get matched with someone and ship off your gift. It seemed simple enough so I signed up for the Book Exchange 2016. I got a reddit account for starters and then joined the exchange. One short survey of my reading preferences later, I was officially signed up. I then twiddled my thumbs for a month. On the 15th of this month, I got my match! Then began the excruciating debate of what to send to my matchee and trying to hold myself back from buying them ALL THE BOOKS. I managed to hold myself to three books and shipped them off via Amazon to a city I had never heard of in Utah (bonus of this process, I learned some American geography!).

In the meantime, I got my package from my “elf.” The coolest thing? I got two books that sound fabulous (Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin and White Teeth by Zadie Smith) BUT are two books I probably never would have checked out myself and I think that is the best part of this sort of book exchange. Sure, I gave my elf a list of my favorite books and genres but that she clearly took those and thought out of the box to share with me two books that fit those types of genres and that she enjoyed when she read them, it was awesome to see.

I will admit, I was skeptical when I signed up about how well this would really work (in fact, there is a place on redditgifts to sign up to be replacement elves – to take over a match no one ships anything to within the allotted time) but it worked fantastically and I got two awesome new books to add to my to-read pile. Two thumbs up for my first experience at redditgifts and I’ll definitely keep my eye out to participate in more!



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