Reading Updates

I am making good progress on my goal to finish up some series so here’s some drive by reviews:

Children of the Storm (Amelia Peabody #15): This chapter of one of my favorite fictional families seemed to meander a lot. All to a purpose of course but I felt like the last 50 pages of the book were the best of the lot which is a lot of pages to set up the actual action. However, the series seems to be shifting more and more towards the family dynamic and the mystery is just sort of the catalyst to get everyone together. Not necessarily a bad thing, just having to change how I think about the style of the series and what it has been in the past.

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2): I had forgotten how much I adored Cinder when I read it a long time ago. At that time, the rest of the series wasn’t even written yet and lots of other books kept me from re-visiting the series as it was published. Marissa Meyer knows how to tell a fun story with great characters. There was less world building in this installment of the series but I think she packed a lot of backstory in there and that made up for it. I already have Cress from the library so I’ll be finishing this one up quickly this year hopefully!

The Poe Estate (The Grimm Legacy #3): This is my first official series crossed off the list for the challenge. Until of course they add to the series in the future. This book was a little creepier than the last two books but then the repository is collecting haunted houses for the Poe Annex so…it should be. I, as always, enjoyed the new heroes of the tale, Sukie and Cole. I also adored Sukie’s 91 year old cousin Hepzibah who takes everything in stride as the story careens wildly from ghosts to flying broomsticks to haunted houses and ships manned by corpses. Maybe not my favorite of the three stories (horror stories are not my thing) but always fun to check in with the New-York Circulating Materials Repository.

Royal Wedding (The Princess Diaries #11): I was very excited when Meg Cabot announced she was going to write a new chapter in Mia’s story. It was fun to catch up with characters I adored back when I read this series. That said, this book, while enjoyable, fell a little flat for me. Also, the bomb tossed in the last 25% of the book seemed unnecessary as Mia’s life, per usual, was crazy enough and it was also very out of place for me in terms of the narrative and also Mia’s character.

Murder Most Persuasive (Elizabeth Parker Mystery #3): I believe you all know how much I adore me some Austen inspired fiction. This series takes its cues from Austen stories all while having an Austen-addicted heroine with a kooky family and a perchance for stumbling into murder investigations. I liked this chapter of Elizabeth’s story a little less than the last two but I think that is because of her sister Kit who was really annoying and honestly completely unnecessary to the narrative except to annoy Elizabeth and her readers apparently. However, Elizabeth is headed for Bath and the Jane Austen Festival next so it’s going to be good I’m sure.


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