Chugging away on the year’s reading goal…

I am enjoying these “drive-by” book reviews though I will probably do an actual post when I finish Winter on the entire Lunar Chronicles series sometime next week. I am also getting back around to some non-fiction reading. It has been on the list forever to work my way through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People so that’s what I’ve been doing slowly but surely along with my fiction reading.

The Unmapped Sea (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place #5): I need the next (last – sob!) book now! How could Wood do that to Penelope and Simon and the Incorrigibles?! Putting aside the major cliffhanger, as always, Penelope is one of my favorite unflappable heroines who knows that a hot cup of tea and few minutes of deep thought will find a solution for you every time. This is particularly useful when everyone around you is useless and the not-so-dead evil father of your current employer is trying to kill you and your charges off because of a curse placed on the family four generations, an island and one supernatural wolf ago. Heavens, I love these books! And yes, that all actually makes sense if you read the series and doesn’t actually seem that crazy when you read them. Sadly, I have to wait for the conclusion of this series; the last book is not published yet and doesn’t even have a release date posted anywhere I could find.

Plain Jane (A House for the Season #2): I found this series because the first book was either for free or on sale on Amazon for Kindle and I picked it and thoroughly enjoyed. I especially enjoy the series for its unique connecting factor of the servants and their lives over the ton they serve rather than the aristocratic characters who change with each book. I liked Jane; Fiona (from the first book in the series) was a bit too much at times and while Jane is young, and acts her age most of the time, I felt like I liked her more than Fiona (that I was happy for an update on her of course).

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3): This series just keep getting better! Granted, I think I like Scarlet and Cinder more than I like Cress, girl still comes into her own and her romance with the less than heroic Captain Thorne was adorable to watch. Cress is also a first class hacker which has always been a secret dream of mine. I must say Meyer impresses me in how she’s able to keep up a breakneck pace in her book over hundreds of pages. There is not one superfluous moment really so she either has one awesome editor or she just has a very good idea of where she’s going at all times. Which, in my marathon of reading series right now, is clear many authors do not so I appreciate that a lot more right now that I normally would.

A Fatal Grace (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #2): Penny’s second Inspector Gamache novel was just as enjoyable and haunting as the first. I know of few authors who evoke such atmosphere in their writing. This book is set around Christmas and pulls on both the joy of the season and the brutal winters of Quebec. Gamache also continues to be an incredibly complex but likable character. I do not like the storm clouds Penny is building for him and this mysterious Arnot case though. I like when the chaos surrounds him, not when it’s aiming for him.


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