Reading Goals 2017 am trying to be realistic about my reading goals for next year. In general, I don’t think in terms of numbers here. I try to pick a way to structure or guide my reading for the year. Nothing rigid (I’ll go off plan pretty quick so might as well be flexible) but something to help me select books from my ever growing to-read list.

So, I had a grand theme in mind for 2017 but I’m putting it off for the moment for some smaller reading projects:

  1. Finish my 2016 theme. I have around 25-ish books that would complete a series or get the one-off book from my list. I’d like to finish this up first.
  2. Re-read the Harry Potter series. This has been a long time coming. It is time for me to re-visit the whole series in order and take more than one long feverish night to read them. I’ve re-read them piecemeal over the years but not as one complete set.
  3. Empty out the to-read drawer. I’ve actually already started this because I went to put a new book in and couldn’t fit it…So clearly it is time to read the books I already own and decide if I’m keeping them or sending them on their way.

Which will hopefully bring me to my grand scheme for 2017…reading the books that have been on my to-read list the longest. This is going to be tough. Some of the oldest books are those classics, those books you think you should read, not the ones you’re necessarily most excited to read. My list takes me back to 2009 and the first book up will be The Count of Monte Cristo (clearly this will be a marathon, not a sprint since that clocks in at over 1200 pages). I may take some liberties in what order I read the oldest books on my list. I imagine I’ll also be taking a hard look at whether I actually want to read these books or really just think I should. After all, I’ve seen the movie! [I just made myself cringe so no, I have not lost my mind]

Soul searching ahead!


5 thoughts on “Reading Goals 2017

  1. I just finished Order Of The Phoenix again, but have to read another book in between before I get to Half-Blood Prince. Luckily my reading goals are much lower than yours since I have some writing that I need to get done this year. My main goal is to read the books I’ve purchased from people I know in some way and books some of these folk have given me. I can’t expect anyone to read my books if I don’t read theirs, right?

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