If I Can’t Love Her

I am going down the Disney Broadway rabbit hole today after seeing Newsies in the movie theater last night. It makes me wonder why we don’t record and show musicals in theaters more often like that. Not all of us can make it to NYC. Heck, not all of us live in a city where traveling productions even come. They do, sort of, come here but there is no good place for them to perform. My nearest places are Tampa, Orlando and Atlanta for national tours of Broadway shows. So, when they come to my local movie theater or are something I can rent on line, I just start spending money like it’s going out of style.

But, I digress. I started this post to share with you all THE song I think of when I think Disney and Broadway. I first saw Beauty and the Beast performed on stage in Toronto on a surprise trip that Mom and Dad ended up having to tell us about because my sister refused to get in the car until they told her where we going (which pretty much sums up my sister as a kid). I was already a musical theater nerd by this point but I remember, to this day, the closing song of the first act of that exact show. I can still watch this song performed in my mind. How the stage moved, how the Beast acted and that song. That song is what you call a showstopper. It’s the sort of song that when performed well brings you both to your feet and to tears. I think I sat stunned after the curtain closed on the Beast standing over the rose but my dad jumped to his feet to head to the lobby and bought the recording of the show on the spot. It’s that kind of song.

I have since been lucky enough to see this show performed live many times but I still remember this first time I heard this song the best. So, for your Friday enjoyment, I give you “If I Can’t Love Her.”


3 thoughts on “If I Can’t Love Her

  1. I saw Beauty and the Beast live back in elementary school and have no memory of seeing. The only Beauty and the Beast song I remember was “Beauty and the Beast”. In the future, I really want to see the stage show again and revisit it. I grew up on musicals and I loved them growing up. But starting in college, I became a musical fanatic


    • Annie was my “gateway musical” as my mom took me to see it when a cousin was in it very young. I hope you do get to see B&B on stage; it truly is a wonderful adaptation of the animated film 🙂 I am also very excited (and curious and nervous) to see what the latest version of B&B is like when it comes out next month. I figure Emma Watson as Belle really can’t go wrong but one never knows…


      • Annie used to my favorite musical back in elementary school. Even though it no longer is my favorite musical, it is loved just as much. Annie stayed my favorite musical until 2006.

        That is when Wicked became my favorite musical. But now in 2017, I have a two way tie for all-time favorite musical, which is between Wicked and Les Mis.

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