A partial retreat from paperless

It seems there is nothing more satisfying that putting a line through a task on a piece of paper. I have tried.


I got this last Tuesday so clearly my first week with it was productive.

Six years ago, I decided not to buy a paper planner. I had technology! So started a paperless experiment. I am calling it a partial failure.

For the most part, all my mail comes to me through email. I pay my bills online. I keep track of my finances online or in spreadsheets on my computer. My calendar is in iCal and Outlook (personal and professional respectively). My grocery lists and recipes are all in Evernote as is almost everything else of informational importance to me.

However, at the end of the day, I still just wanted a list of things to cross out. A place to jot notes to myself to look something up, add something to Evernote, actually bring check to this event or, heaven forbid, cash to that one. I am a major “jotter” of notes. I often have an array of post-its and index cards littering my desk, reminding me to do something, follow up on that thing, email this person about that. I have a digital counterpart (a much more organized and intense project mgt software that I also keep a work to-do list on) but that is for tracking the big things. I’ve never gotten over feeling slightly silly taking the time to type up “Call home” and setting an iCloud Reminder for it. I’ll write it down on paper no problem though.

So, I am trying a paper experiment now. I heard about a fabulous planner idea last year. I was too late for the Kickstarter at the time so I am joining the bandwagon now and I am adoring my VOLT planner so far. It lets me keep lists! Lists everywhere! A list for the year, a list for the month, a list for the week. It has a built in way for me to take on a month-long “challenge” which I’m hoping will help me knock off some multi-step projects this year (February is to finally finish all the metadata creation for my own digital photos. It is a personal digital archive fail at the moment).

So, may the trees forgive me and we’ll see how this goes!

My one attempt at poetry

Back in 11th grade, we had to write a “collection of poems” – my normally cheerful self suddenly became the cynically depressed poet over night. I maintain it is impossible to write happy poetry and not sound like a tool. So here, I share with you my first masterpiece in that collection. This one sounds like a bad pop song – can’t you see some American Idol murdering this poor thing? However, you will see why I avoid poetry like the plague after a sampling of my poetry…

I Don’t Love You

I don’t love you, I’m sorry to say
I thought you would like to know
Before you come to me
Through the blistering snow

I don’t love you, I’m sorry to say
I stopped a long time ago
But I tried to hide it from you
And just go along with the flow

I don’t love you, I’m sorry to say
I realize I never did
Yet I thought it had blossomed in summer
In the treehouse where we’d hid

Or perhaps I thought it occurred in the winter
Upon the snow bank where we’d played
Yet I see now I never did
Quite love you in that way

The way the storybooks describe
All starry eyes and such
You never were Prince Charming
I had just dreamed you as that much

Forgive me, but I want the fairy tale
Not some fling that will fade
Forgive me but I have my dreams
Of which you haven’t made


Continuing on with my journal, this is an undated entry that I think comes from high school, around senior year. The question was: Are you open-minded to other people’s opinions? Do you listen to all sides before you respond? Are you slow or quick to make a decision? Are you flexible?

I like to think I’m open minded and I am most of the time. I always listen to all sides of a story if they’re available so I can get a good handle on the situation and make an informed decision. Not only that, it’s very cool to look at a problem or situation from another perspective. You learn so much about yourself and the situation when you take an idea and flip it around to see what you get. As for how slow or quick I make decisions, usually more quick than slow but I like to research so my first impression/decision can change a lot once I have the facts under my belt. I am flexible. It’s not my way or the high way with any of my opinions or ideas and compromises are a wonderful thing – as is the ability to be able to agree to disagree. Variety of opinion is a good thing and keeps people on their toes and up to date or would ideally if our society was one to participate more.

I look back on my high school entries and don’t know whether to be proud or worried about how much I have stayed the same. I have always prided myself on my open-mindedness and my willingness to accept and try to understand. I have found it is a talent which has landed me a lot of great friends and experiences over the years. Yes, I was that girl anyone could talk to about anything and I would help you out as best I could. I still am and I figure, there are worse things to be in this world of today than someone willing to meet anyone half way. I think maybe we could use a few one like that around. My one thing I have figured out and that I can take pride in.

I have found my high school entries written much better (thank goodness!), less moody and more interesting to me. I recognize myself in them more. The only thing I seem to be very moody about still is a lack of a guy. Still moody about that too…excellent.