Meet Figment!

As most of you know, I very suddenly had to say goodbye to my little monster Brie in April. I am glad we caught the cancer fairly early on and were able to make sure she wasn’t ever in much pain. Making that sort of a decision for a pet was excruciating but I know it was the right one for her and me. Since then, I’ve moved to a new apartment and still have a giant cat tree in my living room. I found a new occupant for it last weekend. Everyone, meet Figment.


I was long overdue for an animal with a Disney name and Figment seems the perfect fit for what I am finding is a rather adventurous and only mischievous with the best of intentions cat. Fig has a story that I wish he could tell me. He’s still recovering from an injury on his back left side that it looks like someone treated but then let him go again (?). I’ll never know what actually happened but he’s very affectionate, loves catnip toys and I’m sure he’s only just starting to come out of his shell with me. He’s working through a post-shelter cold right now (very typical of animals when they spend time in a shelter) and has the cutest sneeze that I laugh hysterically over because he is so disgruntled when he sneezes. He’s already enjoying lounging around with me during Netflix binges and is learning how to just lie next to me when reading and only bat at the object that is taking my attention from him, not sit on the book or in front of the book or try to use the book as a new scratching post. Book etiquette is the hardest thing to get a cat on board with I swear. Overall though, he’s a good egg and I’m sure he’ll pop up here occasionally so introductions were necessary.