So, a month happened…

The last month has been CRAZY! Lots of traveling (for both fun and work), I visited both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, ran a 10K and tried out a new recipe to try and get myself back into my regularly scheduled program. I also only finished books which had nothing to do with my reading goal for the year. When I travel, I find bubblegum for the brain to be what I want to read (aka trashy romance novels). So, while I have been reading, I haven’t made any progress on my reading goal for the year.


Me, Ally and Mom at Disneyland

So, my mom, sister and I hit up Disneyland for a girls’ trip in mid-April. Sadly, the weather was being very un-Southern California like while we were there (very rainy and cold) but we still had a blast. I liked the parks much better this time around than in 2012 – I think it was because I could actually enjoy the parks and not be running off to a conference for work every few hours. I got to see and do a lot more this time and really enjoy the differences between DL and WDW. I also am jealous of those on the West Coast; the history of the parks seems to be a lot more present in DL especially since they’re celebrating the 60th anniversary right now. WDW doesn’t always harken back to its history well which confuses me. People like me, who grew up on WDW and not DL, always want to see that more but I do understand it’s the effect of the different audiences at both resorts. Disneyland is defined as a much more “locals” park whereas WDW is a vacation destination. Still, a show like what World of Color is running right now, mining the history of the resort, using the archives, vintage footage, past attraction audio? Honestly, pretty unthinkable in WDW. At least, I’ve never seen it. Can you imagine if they did a World of Color-esque show at Epcot that showcases that park’s history?! Be still my heart.

So, once back on the East Coast, I did some work traveling in Central Flor


Still smiling at 6.2 miles

ida because I needed to stay in the Orlando area because I was running in the inaugural Star Wars 10K. Guys, it was so much fun! I sort of loathed my first 5K last summer. Well, not sort of; I definitely loathed it. But I wanted to do a Disney run and I needed to up the ante so 10K it was. I went into it thinking it was something I would be happy to say I did but never want to do again. So not true. I’d do another Disney run in a heartbeat. For one thing, the weather was awesome for it (meaning it was chilly, the sun wasn’t up yet and it was misting which kept it cool as well). My first run was on July 4th in Tallahassee after the sun was up…it was MISERABLE. Clearly, I am game to run at 5:30am to avoid that. Plus, that 5K was also, well, boring. Disney knows how to entertain you on a run. At no point did I feel like “OMG, WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE OVER?!” For the Star Wars 10K, there were fireworks to start the race, you ran through Epcot and Hollywood Studios, periodically there were screens showing scenes from the movies, characters to have pictures with, other effects to run through etc. I loved every second and hey, I did really well! I’d definitely do another Disney run in a heartbeat; to me, it was worth the cost. I’m not sure if I’m game just yet to move up to the next distance though…

Clearly, I’ve been busy! Look for the recipe I tried over this past weekend on the blog later this week!