Hello Tallahassee!

I made it! Another cross country move later, I have officially relocated to Tallahassee, Florida. I don’t have much else to report yet. I haven’t been here a week and I’m finding my way through my first week of work at a new (HUGE) university. On the plus side, I’ve only gotten lost once so far and that is because I managed to type the wrong address into my GPS after triple checking that it was right (go me!). I have managed to find a really tasty fish sandwich though at Barnacle Bill’s (the name caught the eye, the delicious food meant I’d actually go back).
My first impressions is that it rains a lot here. Even as I type this it is pouring down rain faster than I thought possible accompanied with thunder that is shaking the building. And yet I can see blue sky from where I sit…The old saying of if you don’t like the weather just wait 15 minutes is actually true here! The rest of the country, the portion I just drove through over four days, is in drought and I’m under flash flood warnings here. A bit of a different world. Also, the humidity, heavens have I missed you! Walking out of the library is like hitting a brick wall of heavy air and I love it. I don’t think my hair does but I rejoice. I’m certainly not cold around here. Unless I happen to be in a building because apparently if the A/C is on around here, it must be set permanently on the Arctic setting. So I wear a sweater all day and take it off to go outside. Talk about a reversal of the norm!
I am still getting settled in my apartment and it will take longer than planned. The moving company managed to get all of my belongings here and if it was in a box, it was mostly in one piece. If it was furniture however, it was apparently free game. I lost both my bookshelves and my desk so it will take me awhile to replace those as well as hunt down a new sofa for the apartment. My living room currently looks very sad. I also have all my Christmas boxes stuffed into a corner of my dining room as I have to get plastic bins for them before I can move them out into my storage closet off the patio. BUT I have my own washer and dryer and a walk in closet big enough to be a guest room if I wanted. It certainly blows Harry Potter’s Cupboard Under the Stairs out of the water. There is also a pool though I haven’t been in the apartment (and without rain) long enough to do more than run up and take a picture of it. Even when I did that the storm clouds were rolling in.
I am hoping this weekend to get out and explore. I know I want to check out the movie theater (I found one closer to my apartment than I thought!) and maybe head up to see the other mall in town where Barnes & Noble’s lives. I also need to try to dig up the second hand bookstore in this town as well as the library branch down on my side of town. As I won’t have cable/internet installed until the 18th, I have to find some way to entertain myself!

Some quick catching up

Photo by Scott Thomas

I turn 26 today peeps. Suddenly I feel very old. I know, I know, I’m hardly knocking on death’s door but I’ve been thinking a lot about what I always assumed I would be doing by 26. This was so not it but I guess it just goes to show that life has a funny way of dragging you, kicking and screaming if necessary, in the direction she wants you to go. (PS – look how I rocked the side ponytail back in the day. You know you are a kid of the ’90s when…)

News items:

1) I can see pavement again people! The streets are now slush rivers and my car is parked in a newly minted lake but this is such an improvement I can’t get that angry. Nor can I really complain that the roads have become obstacle courses to avoid the massive potholes that seem to have developed over the last three months. This may be the first birthday in a long time where the temperature is over 40 and not a flake of snow in sight. I felt the need to record it for posterity.

2) So, I finally watched Avatar this weekend. It was like Ferngully with more slaughter of the natives and no fun Robin Williams-voiced Batty Koda to make me laugh. I mean, kudos to Cameron and his team, the movie was visually stunning and the world they created fully realized which you can’t always take for granted anymore in sci-fi films. But the story was definitely unoriginal and the film was so long! I kept wondering if there was an end. I began to get bored somewhere in the middle which is never a good sign. I enjoyed it but it’s not going onto my Amazon wishlist any time soon.

3) I finally got around to reading the Betsy-Tacy books that Julie recommend to me eons ago and I am in love. I started with the high school years since Julie thought I’d find those more interesting. Think Anne of Green Gables without a tragic childhood and moved to rural Minnesota in the early 1900s and you’ll have the gist of the story. Why did no one tell me about these before?! I had serious reading withdrawal after I plowed through all the Anne books in 6th grade, these would have been perfect! I am making up for it now though – next one up is Betsy Was a Junior

I think that about brings you up to speed. I am off to enjoy my birthday Sunday 🙂